Justice League of America [first series] #21
Cover Date: August 1963 Cover Artist: Mike Sekowsky (penciller), Murphy Anderson (inker)
Did somebody say crisis? Two years after The Flash #123 established the ground rules for travel between Earth-One and Earth-Two, the two worlds collided again in the two-part epic “Crisis on Earths One and Two.” In what would be the start of an annual Justice League ofAmerica tradition, the members of the JLA teamed up with their Golden Age counterparts in the Justice Society of America to foil the combined forces of the Wizard, the Icicle, the Fiddler, Felix Faust, Dr.Alchemy, and Chronos. Seems Earth-Two Flash’s old nemesis the Fiddler had devised a “portable vibrator” that enabled the diverse group of baddies to whisk themselves back and forth be-tween Earths to commit crimes, create mayhem, and visit high-end casinos. Lacking such a device of their own, the JLA had to rely on the power of an old crystal ball to summon the JSA to Earth-One via seance. Hence Mike Sekowksy’s indescribably groovy cover. Smiled to bursting with sixteen heroes and six villains, the “Crisis” storyline unfolded over two issues and set the stage for future crises-and future Earths-to come.
“Sekowsky wasn’t quite as polished as Murphy Anderson and some others, but he knew how to tell a story. “-writer Gardner Fox, on Mike Sekowsky
“Mike’s characters had a whole different set of physics controlling. He wasn’t like Jack Kirby. He wasn’t like a lot of the artists prevailing. But he really knew what he was doing. “-cartoonist Scott Shaw!, on Mike Sekowsky