Tigi Van Gil was born in 1966 in Brussels, Belgium.
Studied at EPHEC and graduated in marketing, Brussels 1987-1989.
He moved to Paris in 1991 to study Fashion at ESMOD, graduating in1993.
Studied at Ecole de photo et de techniques visuelles, Ecole Agnès Varda graduated in 1998. He started working as photograph on perfume campaign  Givenchy for women ( » Play, forward and rewind »), magazines, fashion catalogs and videos.
After traveling widely and working for ten years, back from New York and still imbued with the energy of the city he achieved his first personal exhibition in October 2009 at the  Tigi’s Lab Factory  in Brussels  and signed his first book of pictures  “Superposure” published by Michel Husson.

His work is constantly evolving, a poetic work in progress where he uses recycling glass mixed with resin and painting on his pictures, materialising the invisible.

As a photographer and painter, Tigi transports us to his fantastical urban and contemporary univers, whatever medium or technique he chooses to use.
A world where the imaginary meets technology, abstraction and sensation, a slowed-down of expressionism or speeded-up of surrealism.
A technology that manifests itself in an interplay of filters and super impositions. Between real and unreal, he opens his world made of myths, legends and super heroes  to another dimension, a distortion.

His sphere, which is more than a symbol, became in time his signature like a digital print. The sphere give birth also to the sphere man, a way to materialise his art into a live performance to reach out to people.

This was the start of a new journey for him with exhibitions and Art Fairs:

Art Shanghai and the New York biennial.

A personal exhibition, “Toxic Avenger Serial Writer” at the Young Gallery in Knokke, Belgium

New York Art Fair
The Hamptons Art Fair
Ghent Art Fair with The United Gallery Belgium

Hong Kong Art Fair with The United Gallery Belgium
New York Art Fair with The Vogelsang Art Gallery
Singapore Art Fair with The Vogelsang Art Gallery

Brussels Art Fair with The United Gallery Belgium
Hong Kong Art Fair with Bruno Art Group Gallery Singapore
Berlin Art Fair with Boulderton Art Gallery Hong Kong
New York Art Fair with Boulderton Art Gallery Hong Kong
Singapore Art Fair with  Artemis Art Gallery Singapore

The Sphere Man & Mark Jenkins Art Piece at Art Context Miami

Ghent festival Nikon film ” the pink box”

The bipolar band  “angel comes” Music electro pop

Art Works exposed at CHASE EDWARDS ART GALLERY in the Hamptons New York
Scope Miami 2016 with Boulderton Art Gallery Miami.


Exhibition at the Chaon Art Gallery France  October 2017

Red Dot  Art Fair Miami with the Chase Edwards Art Gallery December 2017


Exhibition  at the Chase Edwards Gallery The Hamptons  New York

Collection ” Bshirt In Sphere”  Paintings & customs on Cotton signed by Tigi Van Gil

Advertising Bshirt underwear Summer 2018


Bshirt Factory concept store design and art decoration May 2019

“Unexpected” exhibition Visus gallery Lasne( 27 september to 27 October 2019)